Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dear Sisters,
    Under the inspired direction and guidance of our Stake Presidency the “Personal Righteousness Program” has been updated. This program was created with the intention of giving each of us tools and information to help us work at our own pace and build our own knowledge of the gospel and its principles. 

Elder Donald E. Stahli of the Quorum of the Seventy said,
“ True testimonies bring the light of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ into our lives and focus all of us toward the same goal of returning to our Father in Heaven – yet our individual testimonies come through varied experiences and at different stages in our lives.” (Ensign, Nov 2004)
This is not an annual program. Please feel free to take the time you need to complete each individual value of the program. Choose a value to work on that you feel would most benefit your life and spiritual growth at this time.

When you have completed at least 3 experiences and a service project, please fill out the form on the last page and return it to your Ward Relief Society President. Bookmark rewards will be given on the ward level, and the Stake Relief Society would like to recognize all sisters for their achievements each year at our September Stake Women’s Broadcast. We hope and pray that you will find the study of each of these values helpful to you in your everyday life, your interactions with others, and your spiritual well-being.

With love,
The Stake Relief Society Presidency